FRIENDS described Paddy Walsh as “epitomising everything good about an Irishman”.

And when the former textile worker and big rugby fan died in September 2011 his friends and family wanted to do something to keep his memory alive.

So they organised a charity walk in aid of Kirkwood Hospice and raised a staggering £10,000.

Peter Wells, a friend of Paddy’s, said: “Paddy was the ringleader of a group of old friends who met up once a month to talk about the old times.

“When he died we thought we needed to do something.

“His wife had died a few years earlier in Kirkwood Hospice and Paddy had asked them how much it cost them to care for her – he was going to pay them back out of his own pocket.

“When he died we took his idea and so we organised a sponsored walk.

“I think the hospice thought we’d raise £200-£300 but we raised £10,000, that tells you the sort of man he was.”

Paddy’s daughters Rachel and Tara joined the walk, which took place around Outlane, along with family who visited from Ireland.