THE future of Castle Hill is not one which will lack debate.

For whenever the subject of the landmark site and the potential for development alongside the Victoria Tower is raised, opinions flood in.

Doubtless the same will happen all over again when people get a chance to look at some ideas that have been aired by Richard Benson of Lindley-based Pikcells Visualisation Studio and Dorian Grayson from Newsome-based architects Form.

They have come up with some stunning images which give a possible glimpse into the future.Could this be what Castle Hill looks like in years to come?

Ultra-modern architecture on one of the area’s most historic and scenically dramatic spots might not fit everyone’s idea of what should be done at Castle Hill, but their view that if anything is built on the site it should be about making it an inspiring place to visit will surely chime with many.

If nothing else, these plans will give people yet more to think about, even to argue over. And if they help stimulate a proper open debate about whether people should be left to enjoy the stunning views and simple pleasure of walking the hill-top or be given an opportunity to enjoy all of that plus a glimpse into the site’s history, then so much the better.