IF the Government does go ahead with its intention to remove the 10p income tax band, it should give assistance to those most affected by it, such as advice on how to win the Lottery or league tables showing which are the best casinos.

allen jenkinson


Call to save town centre

COME on Huddersfield people, back Barry Sheerman’s campaign to keep Tesco from taking over our town.

The meeting last week was well attended by top business people and other societies and church leaders. Some have had experience of deserted town centres in other parts of the country; Harrogate won’t let Tesco in.

Kirklees neighbourhood housing has a huge list of people wanting council houses, many for under-25-year-olds. The council’s Cabinet wants to pull down the three blocks near Leeds Road.

The other tenements on the ring road were sold to a housing association, but they are empty and up for sale again.

So Kirklees is selling out to Tesco and where will all these troubled under-25s go? They like living near town, near all the night life. The flats could easily be brought up to standard, and who cares what Tesco wants. I don’t for one.

Building work on those 70 social houses on Tesco’s present site won’t start for at least seven years.



Phone-in from the heart

I HEARD a phone-in about childless couples recently. It was riveting, populist radio at its best.

You had both genders opening their hearts on a tricky subject which most people would clam up on. One English soldier went for adoption when serving in Russia, and adopted two-year-old Jack. Lucky Jack!

Some people said they had children to look after them in their old age. Others talked as though adoption should be compulsory.

It was a phone-in from the heart. More James Blunt than Mike Tyson.

max nottingham


Pride in town’s landmark

I NOTE from your paper that work has began to improve access to Castle Hill and quite rightly so.

Huddersfield was once a thriving textile town and people linked it with the mills, but now the mills have disappeared we still have the Castle Hill ruins as a very important part of the town’s heritage.

Why isn’t this built on to make Castle Hill an attraction for visitors?. We have had talks about it in the past but at the present nothing has been done. A cafe up there would be nice with a visit to the ruins with leaflets explaining its history. I used to visit the old Castle Hill pub.

People would often talk about the site when they visited it for the first time. Let’s be proud of Castle Hill and draw more attention to it.

colin vause