WHY is it that when you hear in the news of people who have been arrested and charged, as in recent stabbings/killings, that they can’t be named as they are under age? I think this is disgusting and the law should be changed to allow names in newspapers, telling the world who they are. Why should their identity be kept quiet when they have done the wrong.

Also the sentences they get are disgusting – four years for stabbing a man to death in a row over a sweet wrapper. What kind of justice is that? What would you want if it was a member of your family this had happened to? Why can’t the government build more prisons or put more in one cell? Again it’s because of Human Rights that they are allowed so much space in a prison cell. Take away the fancy equipment in the prisons too, like the DVD, VCR, computers, let them do manual work etc, maybe then, when they do come out, they’ll make sure they won’t be going back. Prison seems to be like a holiday camp for some where they get three square meals a day and still get all the benefits.

Shame on this government. Get tougher.