IT did not take our Green Party leader long to criticise and try to ridicule my energy/global warming letter.

If Clr Andrew Cooper read the daily papers with an open mind he would notice a trend that most newspapers are reporting that enough is enough. Green energy costs every energy user in this country. That is not a myth, that is fact. What people cannot or will not tell you is the exact cost which is added to our energy bills. Why, because that figure is well hidden by the energy companies.

The public is not so naive as to think that green energy is free. As for not receiving payments when wind turbines are static this is also a myth. Some wind farms are paid whether or not they are in rotation due to their contract. The trouble is very few people are privy to those contract details.

Are people aware that those single turbines which are not spinning is not because the wind is not right it is because the energy producers will not take their energy? You cannot get away from the fact that renewable energy is the most cost inefficient energy manufactured. How many of these monsters would you need to run Huddersfield alone?

Clr Cooper, the fact of the matter is that global warming stopped 16 years ago a Met office report has revealed this.

The Met Office has reluctantly stated that global warming has since 1997 levelled out and by mid century it will have reverted to pre 1980 figures. This phenomena has nothing to do with renewable energy. Why reluctantly?

The sad fact of all of this is that I am merely R J Bray (Shelley) while you are Clr Andrew Cooper Green Party Group Leader and some people will readily agree with you and reject my statement out of hand.

Those who do need to look a bit further and ask questions. As for linking myself and the Conservatives I feel quite honoured, thank you. Regarding wind turbines I personally would love to see them all torn down. Why do we need turbines in the first instant?

By the way I still remember your wind turbine folly on the Civic Centre. A folly which cost the council taxpayer dearly.

R J Bray


Inspired by Patrick

WITH the recent death of Sir Patrick Moore I think lovers of astronomy will sadly miss this great man who dedicated his life to the study of the universe.

I would often watched The Sky at Night on television when I was younger and moved from the Midlands to live in Birkby.

I bought a telescope when I first left school, set it up in the back garden and spent hours sitting out watching the night sky, even in the coldest winter.

I read a lot of books on the subject by Sir Patrick, some of which I still own. He made astronomy so interesting and his knowledge was so great, it drew your interest even more. I learned about the constellations, Great Bear, Orion, the zodiac signs and had to locate planets – it gave me a lot of pleasure.

Sir Patrick was a genius and his knowledge gave me what was a very interesting hobby.

He’s gone now but I don’t think he will ever be forgotten.



Brothers’ integrity

HAVING known the Thandi brothers for 20 years their integrity will ensure to preserve this important site.

B McDonagh


Give them a break

GIVE the Thandi brothers a break. They are trying to bring some happy times and pleasure to Castle Hill and Huddersfield. Good luck Thandi brothers.


Taylor Hill

No real alternatives

FACILITIES at Castle Hill are long overdue, especially for families with young children and the elderly.

Does Huddersfield Civic Society want the estate to fall to rack and ruin?

Why don’t they offer viable alternatives? Piara Singh Salona


No pub on the hill

THE Thandis should never be allowed to build anything after they demolished and sold a part of Huddersfield’s history.

They should be forced to sell for a loss. We do miss the pub.

Richard parker


Train ticket barriers

FIRST TransPennine Express claims that automatic ticket gates at Huddersfield station “should not add to any hold-ups for passengers” (Examiner, December 6).

They know that many season tickets used in West Yorkshire have no magnetic strip and so are incompatible with ticket gates.

At peak times, even if there are two staff at the gates, they will be trying to check a large number of passengers heading in both directions at the same time as selling tickets to those unable to purchase them beforehand.

The same system at Leeds can add at least five minutes to a 25-minute journey between Leeds and Huddersfield at busy times.

The station manager points out that “it is right and proper that we protect the railway from those that seek to travel without a ticket.”

I agree. It is also right and proper that TransPennine Express doesn’t add more misery to commuters already suffering on an overpriced and overcrowded route.

James Wilkinson


Light and darkness

IS there anything quite as perverse as defacing your house with photovoltaic panels in order to harvest electricity subsidies during the day then squandering all that power by defacing it again with festoons of tasteless external Christmas lights at night?

Richard Huddleston

West Slaithwaite

Fire service savings

I READ the Examiner’s story about the loss of a fire engine at Halifax fire station.

I know West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority has put out potential savings, but there is no way a regular firefighter is earning £36,000. I’ve seen the report and think WYFRA is misleading the public. The figures do not add up, certainly not what is in my wage packet anyway, nor anyone I know.

They might save £36k in wages, pension contributions, the cost of insuring staff etc, but their wage is nowhere near that much.

It’s a done deal where the Fire Authority is concerned. In my view they’re weak and the councillors know very little of what it’s like to be a firefighter.


West Yorkshire