I RARELY make New Year’s resolutions. Mainly because I’m far too busy to even think about where I could begin to improve myself.

The list would be endless and I’m still working through a list of things that urgently need doing at home and work.

But during a rare weekend away earlier this month I had a glimpse of what I’d like to do if I had more free time.

I’d like to be able to stand and stare a bit more – to soak up the wonderful British countryside.

Since joining an art class 18 months ago I have started to see the world with a slightly different eye.

I’ve begun to notice patterns and shapes in nature that would translate into a work of art. I take pictures with my digital camera and promise myself that one day I’ll work them up into something stunning for our living room wall.

The photograph here, for example, would make a wonderful abstract landscape. In fact I quite like it just as a photograph and might have it enlarged. Most photographs look better for being blown up a few sizes.

In fact, I thought to myself as I viewed the picture, why bother painting it at all when I could sell it as a work of art in its own right. After all, the world’s most expensive photograph – Andreas Gursky's Rhine II – which sold for $4.3m, is nothing more than a shot of a featureless, green river bank. Mine must be worth at least that because it actually has features.

Would anyone like to make me an offer? I’ll take less than $4.3m.