THERE is nothing worse than litter for making an area look tatty and rundown.

We’ve all seen it, not just in tucked away corners and alleyways, but in and around our town centres.

Carelessly dropped food wrappers, plastic bags, cigarette packets, discarded cans and bottles all make our town look uncared for and unloved. Plus it can put off both shoppers and potential business owners.

Now Kirklees Council has responded to complaints about Huddersfield’s “grot spots” by finding funds to pay for a hit squad.

In future, when anyone reports an eyesore created by rubbish, graffiti or litter, the council aims to be able to send out people to clean-up, even if the job has to be done by private contractors.

Councillors from seven wards surrounding the town centre have agreed the plan and each ward has put up £2,000 to fund the work.

It’s a small start towards ridding the town of the unsightly spots that have been giving it a bad name.

Now all that’s needed is for the council to ensure that systems are in place by which people can report grot spots and see the swift progress made in clearing them up.

Once the town looks continuously clean and cared for then perhaps more people will be tempted into Huddersfield to shop, stroll and enjoy what it has to offer.