IN reply to F Syrad’s letter (April 7) the pictures of Hot Shots on the Moors does indeed show members of the Home Guard. Yes, they were disbanded at the end of 1944 but (as Dr Rumsby pointed out, Mailbag April 9) they re-formed for a time in the 1950s with the advent of the Cold War.

My pal’s dad, Doug Crowder, was a member and can be seen near the centre of the picture to the right of the chap in the greatcoat. In fact, my pal and I joined up when in our teens and were able to experience live firing with various weapons, such as Bren guns, Sten guns and rifles, on the Deer Hill range. However, with regard to the Territorials and the picture in All Our Yesterdays taken by the Oldgate tenements, the public house on the right is of course the Southgate Hotel. The Oxford was out of shot, off to the right of the camera.

Dave Whitworth