IT seems to be every day a new story breaks which means an extra bit of pressure on the purse strings.

Gas is going up, electricity is going up and food prices fluctuate to the point shoppers can’t keep up.

This week there was some welcome news that petrol prices were dropping, although that’s only likely to last until the new year.

Now parking charges are likely to rise at a place where people really do have no option but to visit – our two local hospitals.

Bosses at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Calderdale Royal Hospital are proposing to increase parking charges.

It’s the first time in eight years they’ve put the prices up, which shows they’re not keen on hitting patients and visitors visiting hard in the pocket.

And a survey shows the two hospitals are the cheapest in the region for what they do charge.

Once signed off, the lowest charge will see patients pay £2 instead of the £1.50 they currently pay for two hours’ parking.

But is there another way? It seems not, for the increase is to cover the costs of managing and maintaining the car parks at the two sites. If the cost to the hospitals rise, the funds need either to be taken from elsewhere or passed on to users.

It’s right that funds should not be taken from patient services, and that those who use the car park pay a contribution.

But what’s not clear is if the increased cost will put patients off parking at hospital sites and instead put extra pressure on the roads surrounding the hospitals.

It’s understandable that people will look to save where they can, but this is something which needs to be monitored.