MICHELLE DAVIES, 44, of Lindley, said: “It’s important to have your voice heard by voting.

“What’s the point in having a vote if no-one turns out.”

JOEL DAVIES, 40, of Lindley, added: “I think the election is a good idea. If you have a vote you should use it.”

MUKUNDA GUHA, 84, of Lindley, said: “I think its important to vote in all elections but I don’t think the PCC will make any difference to policing priorities in our area.”

ANDREW PETRIE, 37, of Gledholt, said: “I am in two minds about the PCC.

“I think the election campaign has been a half-hearted effort. The role is blurring the boundaries of policing and politics.”

MAUREEN STANLEY, 76, voted at Brighouse.

She said: “Nobody came to canvass us like they do in elections and we don’t have the internet to look it up.

“I do think it’s better to have one accountable person rather than the panel of the Police Authority.”

KEITH STANLEY, 75, of Brighouse, added: “I think its a waste of money. I think they just want the limelight.”