BURGLARYKirkburton, April 10. Suspect forced open front window to get in and search and steal property, including car keys. Raider got out by unlocking front door, then use keys to get into vehicle where more property was stolen. Almondbury, April 8. Padlock on shed door removed and placed on roof, but nothing stolen. Then padlock taken from larger shed and cement mixer and power tools stolen. Moldgreen, April 8. Sneak thief got into shed through unlocked door and stole two crates of beer. Waterloo, April 9. Sneak thief got into house through insecure front door while victim was upstairs and stole money and handbag. Victim came downstairs and confronted suspect telling him to leave. Lepton, April 10. Raider opened unlocked window and reached inside, removing property, putting items on window ledge. He then climbed in through window which disturbed victim and suspect made off. Co-op, Northgate, Almondbury, April 12. Fire door at back jemmied open causing damage but raider did not get in. He then went to front of shop and smashed window to get in, but nothing stolen.

ROBBERYFootpath off Penistone Road between Fenay Bridge and Spa Bottom, April 11. Victim robbed of his pedal cycle. Suspect 1 – light skinned mixed race male, 15-16 years old, 5ft 7in to 5ft 8in tall, brown eyes and beginner moustache. Moustache has at least five lines cut into it which look like they have been made with razor blade. Local accent. Suspect 2 – white male, 15-16 years old, 5ft 5in tall, wearing black jacket with a hood but no zip, black tracksuit bottoms and riding small child’s black mountain bike.

THEFTGrange Moor, April 11. Two boys sneaked into garden and stole toy jeep. Skelmanthorpe, April 13. Pedal cycle stolen from back garden of house. Moldgreen, April 8. Yorkshire paving stones stolen from side of house. Moldgreen, April 9. Sneak thief got into back garden from adjoining fields and stole pushchair. Dalton, April 10. Patio heater stolen from patio of house which was on view from the main road.

CRIMINAL DAMAGEAlmondbury, April 8. Stone thrown at lounge window smashing outer glass pane.

VEHICLE CRIMEHey Royds Colliery tip, Wheatley Hill Lane, Clayton West, April 10. Intruder got into cab of unlocked Caterpillar plant vehicle and drove it away crashing it. Gardener’s Walk, Skelmanthorpe, April 12. Window smashed and thief reached in and stole CD player and cash. Skelmanthorpe, April 12. Thief got into unlocked vehicle on house driveway and tole CD player. Upper Cumberworth, April 12. Window smashed and CD player stolen. Upper Cumberworth, April 12. Window in vehicle parked on roadside smashed and CD player stolen.