The morning service at the Methodist Church was led by three members of the church – Beryl Holt, Lucie Froggatt and Wendy Barber. It was a service of responsive readings, prayers and meditation that all the members of the congregation took part in. The meditation was based on a parable about a judge who finally gave justice to a persistent woman, so we need to pray and not lose heart. Stewards were Diana Hunt and Betty Booth. Flowers for the communion table were a gift from Josie Jebson. Coffee and refreshments were served after the service by Beryl Holt. Lunch was served after the service and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and fellowship together.


Robert Nuttall was the speaker at the Monday evening fellowship at Zion Wesleyan Reform Chapel. Word searches and art work were a major part of Sunday morning’s Sunday school.

Mike Hopcroft was the speaker at the Sunday evening service when he spoke about light and darkness. Robert Nuttall was the pianist and Ian Mosley the reception steward. Sunday School will meet on Sunday morning as usual. There will be no Evening service this week as members are going to the Bow Broom Church in Swinton for their annual visit.


On Sunday morning at the parish church, the Rev John Marsh led the service and celebrated Holy Communion. Evelyn Barrow and Gill Marsh read the bible, Malcolm Jessop played the organ and Mavis Jessop led prayers. In his talk based on the first eight chapters to the Romans, the Rev John reminded everyone of God’s message of love by sending his only son Jesus to show how we should live our lives. As Christians we need to share that love with all people. A golden opportunity lies ahead, as a special service in September – Come Back to Church Sunday – is to be held on September 18 and everyone was asked to bring people back who had stopped attending. Refreshments were served at the end of the service.


Mrs Meg Tibbott welcomed the congregation to All Hallows Parish Church for a service of Sung Eucharist on the fifth Sunday after Trinity. The leader was the Rev Robert Chambers and the preacher was reader, Mrs Janet Roberts. The theme was The Kingdom of God. Pastoral minister Mrs Mary Chambers, led the Prayers of Intercession. Mrs Joanne Smith gave the reading from the eighth chapter of the letter of St Paul to the Romans and Mrs Roberts read from the thirteenth chapter of the Gospel according to St Matthew. The chalice and paten were taken to the altar by Mr Philip and Mrs Sandra Delamere. Mr Chambers was assisted at the distribution by pastoral minister Mr Malcolm Tibbott and Mrs Roberts. Mrs Margaret Haigh, Mrs Phyll Taylor and Mrs Edie Brook performed the duties of sidesmen and took up the collection. Music for the service was provided by CD and Mrs Christine Rangeley served refreshments to the worshippers.

In the evening Mrs Hazel Ramsay led a special service of Worship Together. She took for her theme, “The Candle of the Lord : The strength of the Lord.” It was announced that tomorrow morning, Sunday, there would be a special “Cluster Service” in All Hallows. There would be no evening services over the next month.


Shelley Over 60s members held their weekly meeting in the Village Hall last Thursday. It was very well attended. The whist high of 93 was won by Lily Walker and the low of 62 went to Kathleen Proctor from eight tables.The bingo line was won by Joyce Booth and the full house by Wendy Kettlewell. No-one had the first three numbers on one card so the prize was carried over until the next meeting. Members celebrated the birthdays of Tessa Hawthornthwaite, Dorothy Thorpe, Joan Cope. Jean Johnson and Eileen Watmuff. Raffle prizes were won by Audrey Taylor, Nancy Lear, Linda Brauner, Madge Shaw, Joyce Booth and Gordon Burgin.


The preacher for Sunday morning service at the Wesleyan Reform Church was Carol Senior. The Bible reading was by Celia Pickles and John Orton was the organist.

On Sunday last at Skelmanthorpe Methodist Church, the Readers’ service was taken by Rose Merry. The theme of the service was ‘the story of Zacchaeus’ which was illustrated on PowerPoint by Stuart Merry, who was also the steward. A Bible lesson was read by Jennifer Brooks, relating to the same theme. The music group accompanied the first hymn and Frances Priestnall was the organist. Two retiring collections which totalled £100, are to be sent to the East African Appeal.


Stocksmoor Bridge Club results for Thursday July 14: North/South – 1 J and M McGee, 2 J Morris and W Sharman, 3 M Sandell and S Hancock; East/West – 1 M Russell and E Covell, 2 J Shaw and E Tullie, 3 J Daniel and L Mallinson.

Results for Thursday July 21: North/South – 1 M Sandell and S Hancock, 2 P Turner and M Kenworthy, 3 J Morris and J Pearson; East/West – 1 E Pearson and K Morley, 2 D Cliff and M Dey, 3 C Kaye and L Tempest.