A LONG-TERM pain sufferer has called for more people to seek support from his Facebook group.

Osteoarthritis sufferer David Wait, from Kirkheaton, has launched a forum on the popular social network to help fellow sufferers in the Kirklees and Calderdale areas.

David, 47, who sufferers crippling bouts of pain, said he found comfort from talking with other people about his condition.

The dad of two said he had been inspired to help others after attending an NHS pain management course last year.

The course teaches people how to cope with their conditions and how to reduce their dependency on medication.

He said: “I’ve got osteoarthritis all down my spine, neck and shoulders. I’ve got two kids, an 11-year-old and a six-year-old and I just wish I could go back to playing football with my older son. I can’t run around like I used to do. I’ve just go to take things steady.

“But rather than thinking what we can’t do, the course taught us to think more positively about what we can do.

“It taught us how to pace ourselves whether we be doing housework, gardening or cleaning the car, and helping our partners to understand the pain we’re in and that they’ve got to make allowances. They also taught us to use our medication better.”

David said he and other people on the course had stayed in touch and held regular reunions.

And he said the morale boost the course mates gave each other was another reason he wanted to help others through Facebook.

He added: “It’s just for members to come on and message each other. Sometimes you can be housebound because of the pain you’re in and the pain can bring other complications too – such as depression.

“When I’m laid down on my bed and I can’t do anything, I can’t bend, I can’t walk, I will go to the computer and put Facebook on, write a few lines and somebody will write back and say I will give you a ring. Sometimes it’s a lifeline for people, it’s not necessarily advice, it’s just nice to know that somebody else is going through what you are.”

CONTACT: The private group is open to all long term chronic pain sufferers from illnesses such as ME and arthritis. To join call David on 01484 304235.