A NEW baby brings great joy to a family. But if that baby is born prematurely, it can also bring with it many worries and concerns.

Claire Hamilton is a mum who understands just what women and their families have to deal with when they are coping with a difficult pregnancy.

Claire lost four children during pregnancy but now has a lively and healthy three year-old son Alfie who she says is something of a miracle.

Now this brave mum has decided to use her knowledge and experience to promote the work of a charity that can and does help families with premature babies.

Claire and fellow childhood studies students at Huddersfield University, Gemma Greene, Rachel Oliver, Kirsty Lodge and Leah Farrar will be out in Huddersfield this week selling cakes at a market stall to raise funds for, and awareness of, the charity, Bliss.

Claire and her friends are determined to ensure that more people know about the support that is out there for them and that charities such as Bliss are working to discover more about why babies are born prematurely.

We can all help out by heading for that market stall and backing Claire and her friends as they try to spread the message about the charity, Bliss. Cake a difference? Sounds a great way to raise funds for such a good cause.