IN TOUGH economic conditions, entrepreneurial skill and flair is much prized.

Innovation and enterprise are key in such times and these are lessons clearly understood by Huddersfield University.

Certainly its peers recognise Huddersfield’s adherence to such principles and have rewarded it with a top entrepreneurial award.

Huddersfield won the coveted UK Entrepreneurial University of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards 2012 where the university was commended by the judges for its “entrepreneurial outlook championed at the highest levels of the institution.”

Certainly the university has invested over a number of years both in infrastructure and key personnel to support its entrepreneurial ambitions.It is an incredibly forward-thinking institution.

That vision is now reaping rewards in recognition for the university at many levels, not least in its partnerships with many businesses and organisations.

It augurs well for the future both of the university and for the town it so well represents.