YOU may remember back in February when I told you about TV Presenter Melissa Porter coming to stay at our house for two days.

Well now I’m really excited as this Thursday our house will be featured on Channel 5’s new series ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’ at 8pm.

Each week, the show features three different types of homes across the country who are competing against each other for the title.

The presenters – property consultant Melissa Porter, architectural designer Charlie Luxton and developer Russell Harris – travelled around the UK staying in luxury homes to showcase on the programme.

Having watched the first three programmes in the series so far I think we have some very stiff competition, but whether we win or not we are flattered that we have been chosen to enter.

I’m also glad we had Melissa to stay at ours as she was so much fun.

The other presenters seem knowledgeable in their field but I don’t think they would have been as impressed with the six male models we hired to film the swimming pool scene!

Melissa gave an interview in OK magazine a couple of weeks ago about the series and she mentioned that our house was one of her favourites.

Let’s hope all the viewers think the same and we make it through to the final. I hope you’ll all be voting.

We’re planning a get together with family and close friends to watch the programme so I’ll be making sure they all have their phones out too.

Naomi Campbell

IT seems as though even top supermodels aren’t escaping the problems at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5.

Naomi Campbell is in the spotlight again after a dispute over her luggage last week.

Apparently she was trying to board a flight for Los Angeles when she learnt that one of her bags hadn’t made it onto the flight.

It was suggested she leave the plane to resolve the issue then the police were called. She was then arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

Naomi has reportedly been taking anger management classes since the two previous charges she faced for assaulting her assistant and her maid.

I came face to face with Naomi a couple of years ago at the Rio Carnival where I go every year to take pictures and soak up the amazing atmosphere there.

She was dressed in a fabulous sequined outfit with bright yellow ostrich feathers and a headdress made of peacock plumes. She looked stunning.

Having a press photographer’s pass gets me right in the heart of the action and I can get up close to all the performers.

There were lots of foreign paparazzi around her so to get her attention I called her name and said I was from Hello magazine.

She immediately turned away and covered her face then called her bodyguards over. Someone grabbed me and I was ushered away.

Twenty minutes later I saw her again and she spotted me, even though I was hiding behind the others.

She was about to call security again so I told her that I was only using my English voice to get her attention and wasn’t really from Hello magazine.

I owned up that I was from Bent Magazine and she changed her tune straight away.

‘Ooh I love my gay fans,’ she said and went over the top to pose just for me.