THAT TV advert for a new car that features a duelling Aryan aristocrat in Bavaria has provoked the ire of a group of MPs.

Ten of them have signed a Commons motion calling for the “unmistakably German” ad to be withdrawn.


They say it uses stereotypes “including imagery, symbolism and style reminiscent of the 1930s”.

You must have seen it; hero fights a duel in the snow outside his castle, drives to a restaurant to contemplate sausages and a busty waitress who is almost wearing a blouse, before driving on to park in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. All to a soundtrack of Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries.

“Unmistakably German,” says the voiceover.

And yet this is an advert for the French Citroen C5.

The Honourable Members obviously don’t do irony.

But why are they so worried about stereotyping? Do they think a subsequent ad will feature a declaration of war?

Personally, I like the advert although I think it totally misguided. The French should be proud to be French, not pretending they’re as good as the Germans. I can’t see a British manufacturer pretending to be French or German.

And another thing, do this group of MPs have nothing better to be concerned about, what with falling house prices, the abolition of the 10p tax rate, inflation, the death of the British pub and the price of petrol?

Haven’t they got anything better to do?

Apparently not.

Apparently stereotyping is of more concern to them.

I note the motion was tabled by the Scottish Nationalist Party, by the way.

Remind me, are they the ones in kilts, playing bagpipes, wearing See You Jimmy red wigs and tam o’shanters and not qualifying for soccer competitions?