I AM sick and tired of this Castle Hill saga – it’s time the whole thing was capped.

Planning rules were breached and Kirklees was sloppy in follow-up enforcement.

I’m not interested in blame but neither side comes out with much credit. And now traffic lights with cars and delivery vehicles backing up onto Castle Hill Side and the main road? It’s beyond a desperate joke.

Castle Hill is rightly a protected site for many just and proper reasons and enough taxpayers’ money has already been spent on this continuing fiasco. If Kirklees can’t compulsorily purchase the site and restore it to public ownership and protection as it should be then the very least they could do is throw this latest application straight out and impose a 10 year moratorium on any further applications so the site can evolve as nature intends. Let’s see how the hill responds to the care now being given it and by 2023 there may be a clear and unequivocal majority decision one way or the other.

Castle Hill is not going anywhere but right now pubs and property developers continue to cease trading on a regular basis. That could be a disaster in waiting for Castle Hill.

Like many people I have fond memories of the old pub on the hill but times move on. If visitors want a hot drink then take a flask. If they want a picnic then take one but also take away your rubbish afterwards. Enjoy Castle Hill and its vistas as they have been by our ancestors over the centuries.

One final thought for you all to ponder. Could this latest application have anything to do with the building of the new cemetery just down the road and the commercial benefits of the usual funeral wakes? That would be grave opportunism as befits this whole sorry saga.

Name supplied


Throw application out

SO the Thandi brothers are again persisting in their efforts to desecrate one of the few remaining places of beauty that Huddersfield still retains.

Apart from the suggestion of introducing traffic lights to control the flow of traffic – which alone would be an eyesore – the addition of any building on the summit, apart from the existing tower, would detract from the sheer visual impact that one receives when approaching the town from several directions.

There is also the small matter of this land being designated as green land and of historic value – or once again are these to be sacrificed to commercialism?

Many years ago when Huddersfield was a Borough Council it was efficiently run and had numerous fine buildings.

But, sadly, since the formation of Kirklees we have been in decline.

It’s now time our planners advised the Thandis and others that enough is enough and Castle Hill will remain unspoilt for evermore.

W D Charnley


Keep hill as it is now

I FAIL to see why any new building is being considered on the unique site of aniquity which is Castle Hill.

Building the original Castle Hill hotel was a desecration of the site. Due to its demolition, followed by combination of planning issues, we are now presented with a great opportunity to leave it grassed over so that part of the site continues to look like it has done for the last two-and-a-half millennia.

I would go further and argue that cars other than vehicles for the disabled shouldn’t be permitted onto the site.

Stephen Jones


A fantastic view

WHEN travelling west on the top ring road in Huddersfield the view of Castle Hill is wonderful, very impressive and unique.

Please don’t spoil it by building a hotel/pub on top of the hill.

Mrs R Schofield


Lights won’t work

THE new plans for traffic lights to control vehicles up and down Castle Hill is going to cause problems.

The cars waiting for the green light to drive up the hill will turn the narrow road at the bottom into a single lane, making it dangerous for vehicles coming the other way.

Also the long wait for the lights change, considering the long haul up, will see a line of motors leading way back.

Back to the drawing board I think?



Time for pub on hill

KIRKLEES Council never ceases to amaze me.

They turn down the application to build a hotel on Castle Hill, stating it is Green Belt.

What’s that all about when there’s been a hotel on the site for years and years?

I (and I’m sure many people) think it would enhance the site.

As long as the Thandi Brothers stick strictly to the new plans this time I personally think it would be a selling point for Huddersfield.

Surely it would stop people misusing the site (drinking, etc.) and encourage lots of people to go and take in the spectacular views from there while either staying at the hotel or going for a drink and a meal. The traffic light scheme sounds to be the perfect answer.

Jacqui Brown


Scheme is right this time

FINGERS crossed for third time lucky to the Thandis. Would love to see the pub back and traffic lights – an excellent idea just what that road needs.

nicola Bradley


Storthes Hall wood plan

THE delays to the Storthes Hall project (Examiner, November 28) have gone on far too long already.

The planning application has been approved in principle for six years now. The group Friends of Storthes Hall Grounds, formed earlier this year, is particularly keen to preserve access to the grounds and to see better management of the woodland.

It is a wonderful resource for the whole community.

It seems that, as part of the conditions of the planning permission, Younger Homes have commissioned a management plan for the woodland which can be found on the Kirklees website (planning application 2012/92016).

It is halfway down in section ‘Documents’.

Click on ‘Post Decision’, then Discharge of Conditions (Letters/Responses) [id 402490]).

The sooner the plan or something similar is implemented, the better for the woodland and those who regularly enjoy it.

Andy Macdonald

Chair of Friends of Storthes Hall Grounds