AFTER 15 years leading a charity in her daughter’s memory Jacquie Roeder is stepping down.

And the mother of Laura Crane leaves behind something truly inspirational.

Greenhead College student Laura inspired the trust during her life.

And when she died of cancer just two weeks after her 17th birthday, her mum picked up the fight where Laura had left off, raising money to fund research into cancer in teenagers and young adults.

It is hard to imagine how any parent copes with the loss of a child, but Jacquie was determined to deal with the devastation of losing Laura by ensuring that her daughter’s work and memory stayed alive.

She did so by helping other people like Laura and over the years the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust has raised more than £1million.

Now Jacquie is stepping down as chairman of the charity, certain in the knowledge that its work will continue to grow, supporting young people with cancer and their families.

While she may no longer be at the helm, Jacquie leaves a trust which has, and continues, to make a big difference.

We salute a woman who has shown remarkable courage in the face of the worst event any parent could imagine and in doing so has helped so many others.