OUR Government is worried about plastic shopping bags and Kali Mountford reportedly thinks windfarms will save the planet.

Is she aware of the Export Credits Guarantee Department and its tacit support for such green and clean projects as those supported in third world countries? Namely 1. Dabhol-Enron power plant in India, 2. Lesotho water project, 3. Bonny Island, Nigeria and 4. Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan pipeline.

Each of the projects has done untold damage to the local populations by displacement, massive carbon dioxide emissions, devastated farmlands, contaminated water supplies along with, surprise surprise, corruption.

In addition child labour is involved on some of these projects; makes the latest set of child protection laws in this country look out of step doesn’t it?

No wonder her Government and her party are now seen as so hapless, hopeless and as bent as a nine-bob-note. More and more regulations and laws to conform to, more diktats slavishly imposed on us from the Euro-fascist state and more propaganda and taxation hidden behind the green agenda.

All while support is given to ruin other people’s lives, environments and livelihoods in far off places.

As for windfarms Kali they are a waste of money. I can point you to a housing developer who has tried them on a scheme in Lancashire and of the energy generators built-in to the development; they were useless.

Getting back to the ECGD. New Labour claimed they were going to have an ethical foreign policy in those “halcyon” days of 1997. When are they going to start?

Next time we hear another green initiative from this bunch of bandwagon jumpers let’s think of the ECGD along with the eco-towns New Labour want to impose up and down the country, on Green Belt land.

Gez Sharp