A STORY in the Examiner today highlights the ongoing problems of litter and fly-tipping.

It is a matter of continual public concern, as reflected in letters from our readers who believe Huddersfield’s appearance is blighted by unsightly mess.

The evidence of the scale of the issue is there for all to see in the form of rubbish dumped in woods and litter-strewn pavements.

Now Kirklees Council is launching a campaign to remove the “grot-spots” from our towns and villages.

A three-month drive to tackle fly tipping sites and deal with litter hot spots is being carried out after an extra £50,000 was allocated.

For too long, people without thought for or pride in their surroundings have been dropping crisp packets, sweet wrappers and the like in the street. Washing machines, carpets and sofas have been left on playing fields and other spots.

David Hall, the councillor in charge of these matters, says it would be better if people didn’t cause the problem in the first place. But he adds that the council has to deal with the reality of the situation.

He’s right of course. We would be the first to criticise if council chiefs just simply sat back and did nothing.

The council is serious about changing the image of Huddersfield and district, but it is not something which it can achieve on its own.

Every person living and visiting here has a role to play. Putting litter in a bin is not a choice; it is a basic responsibility. It takes only a little thought – and just a few seconds – to walk to a bin rather than to simply drop litter in the street.

We all need to stop and think about the amount of money which is being spent on keeping our streets clean, tidy and litter-free. If we all played our part, both money and time could be saved.

But, most importantly, Huddersfield would be a cleaner and brighter town; one of which every single one of us could be rightly proud.

Let’s all now work together to achieve that goal.

Everyone should feel pride in Huddersfield as their home – and keep it clean.