I LIKED your story on Kathy Kirby (April 11).

She was my favourite lady singer in the 60s and still is today. Her songs of secret love still bring back memories of the swinging 60s to me.

anthony vickers


Time to close door on cold callers

HOW I wish the scheme to put a stop to “cold calling” in Mirfield could be put into practice everywhere.

In this day and age, with endless programmes on TV, reports in the newspapers and police warnings to beware of conmen, still come the first day of spring and an assortment of young men with the phrase “Are you the owner of this house” appears.

A police notice on the door saying “no cold callers” is completely ignored. At least with telephone “cold calling”, annoying though it is – you can put the phone down. But a knock on the door has to be answered.

I would just like to know if there is anyone out there who has benefited by buying some of these so-called improvements to their homes from any Tom, Dick or Harry who knocked on their door at 7pm and asked if they were the owners of the property.

mrs n clarke