WELL, Huddersfield has lost another shopper to the White Rose Centre.

I recently attempted to drive to Huddersfield town centre and travelled to town via Wakefield Road from Waterloo to Huddersfield.

The traffic queues were absolutely horrendous due to roadworks just before Ravensknowle Park. The queues started at Waterloo.

It the cost me a fortune to park in Huddersfield. The shops around Huddersfield are so far spread out so it seems such a long hike from the top of town to Kingsgate, then back to the top of town to the car park complete with heavy shopping bags.

Then I had an even more horrendous journey home with the long queues to get out of the town centre, starting at the BMW garage just past Aspley almost all the way back to Waterloo.

How much longer are these roadworks going to continue?

The huge backlog seems to stem from the traffic lights at the crossroads near to The Stag. Once past here the backlog isn’t as bad.

Can’t the traffic controllers alter these lights to enable more traffic to leave the town centre, thus reducing the queue from the town centre.

Another big problem with this stretch of road is that buses outside Dealhouse at Waterloo use this bus stop to change drivers. Sometimes the buses can be stopped here for five or 10 minutes at a time with the drivers having a good old natter. This delay blocks the road even further. Why can’t the bus drivers change drivers at the Huddersfield depot? A car driver would not be allowed to park up on this busy stretch of road so why should bus drivers?

In future I have now decided it will be easier to go to the White Rose Centre. No dreaded queues, free parking and all the shops under one roof. Another one bites the dust!

A fed up of queues motorist


Give shares back

NEW sponsor announced for Huddersfield Town and Giants’ stadium, reports the Huddersfield Examiner.

Methinks that maybe that headline should be re-written as new sponsor announced for Mr Ken Davy and Kirklees stadium.

Yes, I am a Huddersfield Town fan and maybe you are wondering why I can’t get enthused with the announcement of a new sponsor for the stadium.

If I thought that the football club was going to benefit from this re-branding then I would be over the moon. As it is with the football club having no shares – therefore no ownership of the stadium – it is difficult getting upbeat about it.

If the Examiner announcement was that Mr Davy was returning HTFC’s 40% stadium shareholding then things would be very different.

Now that the club has managed to get promotion into the Championship the club needs all the money it can generate.

As Mr Davy knows only too well, football soaks up money as a sponge does water. This coming season we must consolidate our return to this higher division which will not be an easy task.

What does amaze me is the very fact that Kirklees Council seems to be burying its head in the sand when this issue is raised.

So, if you want to give the club a fighting chance Mr Davy why don’t you do the right thing and return those shares to their rightful owner?

R J Bray


Something smells funny

A FEW weeks ago Kirklees resurfaced Ravens Avenue in Dalton by laying a layer of tar and then spreading gravel on top and rolling it with a heavy roller.

A short time later the same old potholes were back and in addition to this there was a lingering smell of gas. I reported this and a chap came and checked the area. He said there was no leak and it was probably creosote causing the smell.

A few days later water was seen to be seeping from the middle of the street so I duly called Yorkshire Water and they gave me a reference number.

Other people began to notice the gas-like smell and I realised it was being emitted by the leaking water so I duly called Kirklees Environmental Health and a chap came out to have a look.

He contacted me a couple of times and stated that having carried out tests with dye he had determined there was no leak from the sewer although he also noticed the smell. He said he had contacted Yorkshire Water and they said it was not a burst pipe.

I asked him if it was not a burst water pipe, not a collapsed sewer pipe and not a gas leak what was it? “I don’t know,’’ was his reply.

Is there anyone who can tell me how I can contact the X-file people as they seem to be the only ones who may resolve this mystery.



Picking up after pets

FOLLOWING on from Megan Holroyd’s thoughts on the subject of dog fouling, I think it is high time Kirklees Council began prosecuting thoughtless dog owners who allow their animals to foul paths and public spaces.

I speak as an owner of two dogs myself but feel that if the council was to do so and highlight the fact it has done so, then perhaps irresponsible owners would think twice before allowing their dogs to poo where they like without removing it afterwards.

Dogs can bring an immense amount of joy but not if you have to dodge mounds of their calling cards every few yards (as one has to do in New Mill at the moment, for example).

Nappy sacks make excellent poo bags and are cheaply available in all supermarkets and pound shops.

Andrew Harrison

New Mill

Cost and effectiveness

THE new face-to-face project to combat anti-social behaviour (Examiner, July 16) will allow offenders to express regret, but how much will it cost and how is the Neighbourhood Panel’s productivity to be measured? Will offenders’ behaviour be tracked for three years?



Milking every penny

I READ your article (Examiner, July 14) about the unreasonable behaviour of milk processors and supermarkets.

We have our milk delivered fresh every day and pay no more than the quoted supermarket price and there is no doubt the farmer who supplies this milk is receiving a fair and sustainable price.

So where is the problem ? It seems to me that it must be with the processor or supermarket or is the price reduction simply to maximise shareholder value? Perhaps, like the banks, the time has come to break up these businesses.



End this malpractice

WE use many words which we have borrowed from other countries such as bungalow and jodhpurs from India; gymnastics and sandal from Greece; je ne sais quoi, boutique and charabanc (not sharabang!) from France; schadenfreude from Germany; nada and adios from Spain, arriverdeci from Italy etc

However, I do get tired of reading practicing where it should be practising.

In English, we use practice as a noun and practise as a verb. I know that in the United States they use this spelling.

We are not American! These are our words – we had them first.

Let’s put an end to this (mal) practice.

Elsie M Eva


Madness in the EU

THE madness that is EU bureaucracy continues unabashed.

A high level meeting of 76 Eurocrats has been held to name a corridor – and they failed to reach a decision!

A name – The Baltic Way – had even been proposed for the corridor in the Altiero Spinelli building in Brussels but the decision was referred to a committee instead.

Nice to know the £50m a day we hand over to the EU isn’t wasted.

Godfrey Bloom MEP

UKIP MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

Keep everyone out

FOLLOWING Barry Gibson’s report on the Tesco planning refusal at Holmfirth I noticed quotes within it.

Clr Nigel Patrick said a new Tesco would keep people in Holmfirth; Keep Holmfirth Special chairwoman Margaret Dale opposed it; Mark Lewis, chairman of Wooldale Co-operative Association said Tesco would cause his shop to lose 20% of his trade; Alex Bray would live somewhere else if it was allowed; Clr Paul Salveson opposed it stating it was absolutely crucial to protect Holmfirth’s tourism trade; Clr Ken Simms said he’ll get earache for this so let’s get it right; Clr Donald Firth opposed it saying he didn’t want to put a nail in the coffin of shops and businesses in Holmfirth and so on.

On looking out of my window at Lockwood viaduct and Woodhead Road that passes under it from town and beyond I think I may have found a solution for those who want to keep outsiders out and themselves inside their special enclave which would Keep Holmfirth Special.

And that would be to simply brick up the viaduct and make Newsome Road South a cul-de-sac at Berry Brow.

Mr Corcoran