THE battle will doubtless continue between Yorkshire Water and campaigners who disagree over planned work at Butterley Reservoir.

Yorkshire Water wants to make changes to the overflow structure at the Marsden reservoir.

But campaigners, including residents plus The Victorian Society, Council for British Archaeology and Association for Industrial Archaeology have all put their weight behind calls to save the unique stone-built Victorian structure which is Grade II Listed.

Yorkshire Water says it has modified its plans to take into account the concerns of many of the protestors and that the work it wants to do is required by law to ensure the reservoir meets modern safety standards.

And in these times of flooding issues, no-one wants to raise the likelihood of those sort of problems.

Nevertheless this is an historic piece of craftsmanship and engineering and should continue to be celebrated as such. It is to be hoped that the company will use every available technological development at its disposal to ensure precisely that.