THE plans to illuminate St George’s Square may send a shiver down some spines in the wake of the long-running saga over the £4m work on the square itself.

But the bright idea to illuminate the entrance to Grade One-listed Huddersfield Railway Station could shed a whole new light on the square itself.

Spotlights are set to show the architecture off in all its glory and the proposal sure sounds impressive.

After all, we have some of the finest buildings in the country so we ought to show them off.

Wouldn’t it be good if this was a start to shout out more loudly about what Huddersfield has to offer in terms of its architectural prowess, especially from the past. Are we making the most of our finest buildings? Do we make them stand out enough?

When Castle Hill has been lit up in the past with different colours it has more than grabbed the attention.

It’s been a beacon to the rest of the town so let’s look at doing even more.