IT MUST BE one of the most impossible circumstances anyone has to deal with.

When a loved one, a husband or wife, a brother or sister, a partner or a friend just walks out of your life leaving no explanation and failing to get in touch.

Weeks, months and now years have passed by in the cases of two Huddersfield people whose names are known because of the unthinkable.

Steven Cooper and Zhimin Tang have two things in common. Both disappeared, both now feature on a national missing people website, the only people from Huddersfield named. There the similarities end.

Sadly Zhimin Tang, a Chinese teenager living in Huddersfield, disappeared soon after the birth of her baby son.

He was born prematurely and did not survive. His mother disappeared while he was in hospital and may not know that he has died.

Worse still there seems to be no family or friend looking for this vulnerable young woman

Her situation could hardly be more different to that of Golcar dad Steven Cooper whose disappearance two years ago on his 47th birthday, devastated family and friends.

They have never given up hope that Steven will be found and continue to campaign to make sure that he, and those helping to look for him, are not forgotten.

And that surely is what we can all do, support those organisations which continue to search for those who, for whatever reason, are no longer with those who love them.

One phone call could give families in this situation the one thing they need – hope.