THE ability to communicate is what enables people to live fulfilling and productive lives.

It doesn’t take much to imagine then how hard it is for those who do not share the ability to speak and hear, how isolated they can easily feel.

Think how tough your life would be if making your family understand you was difficult let alone friends or people you might meet at school, at the local shop or anywhere else.

It is all too easy for people to feel isolated in today’s hectic, busy world and it is up to all of us to find the time to involve those in our community who find communication difficult.

Top marks then to tutors Linda Ellis and Lynn Chapman who have been working with young people at Castle Hill School in Newsome on a language programme called Makaton.

They use sign, symbol and song to help youngsters and adults to improve their communication skills.

They’ve managed to make the twice weekly sessions fun and are widening their message about how vital it is to be able to express yourself by working with other groups in the community.

When communication breaks down, people feel isolated and alone and the more we can do to make people feel that they are being heard, the better.