I IMAGINE that all the Christians in the land have written to their MP regarding the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill as Christians believe they are made in the image and likeness of God not with bits of cow, dog, sheep or rabbit thrown in!

The Bill would permit chimera embryos (human-animal hybrid embryos conceived in the laboratory). Scientists would be free to insert human DNA into animal cells, creating hybrid or chimera embryos for medical research. This process involves destruction of human life and could lead to the birth of a chimera baby.

Clinics offering IVF treatment would no longer be required to consider the need for a father in raising a child. Same-sex couples would be recognised as legal parents, allowing lesbian couples to have children.

Embryos would be screened for genetic abnormalities and matches for siblings with life-threatening illnesses.

Children conceived from donated sperm and eggs will be allowed at the age of 16 years, to ask for information on any half-siblings. They will also be able to check whether they are related to a partner and request details about their donor parent.

I feel this kind of legislation would cause more suffering and heartache than cures for disease etc, which of course, we would all like to see

Theresa Quarmby