I AM writing in response to Sgt Denton’s concerns over the experimental closure of New Laithe Hill, Lowerhouses, Newsome. There have been several accidents in the past year alone but because no-one has been injured (thank goodness) they haven’t been reported to the police.

Pedestrians, particularly children walking to school, mums with prams, and the wheelchair users of which we have three, are vulnerable as there is no footpath for the majority of the road. Vehicles speeding up and down are intimidating to people on foot and if you ask them to slow down you can imagine the type of response you get.

This closure was Highways’ solution to local residents’ safety concerns so let’s have the trial and see if it works. Then if not, take it away by all means. But make the lane safer for those that need to walk. Let’s be proactive not reactive for once.

Concerned Residents