WHAT is happening to this lovely country of ours?

In my opinion, I feel it is on a downward spiral to modern Dickensian times with families depending on food banks for some kind of a meal.

There are those working 50 to 60 hours a week on minimum wage to make ends meet, when unions fought for less than a 40 hours working week on reasonable pay.

At the other end of the scale it seems the sky is the limit, if paid by the tax payer, with enormous bonuses in banks which continually fail and still expect to be propped up with more money. For what, when they are not lending?

When one person can walk away with nearly half a million pounds from a position he has held for only two months, which would pay for two extra years for the essential services of Marsden Fire Station which is a must for people in that area to save crucial time and lives in the event of a fire.

Millions have been spent on an unnecessary election for 41 police and crime commissioners in the country at salaries between £65-£100,000.

Austerity measures for the less well off, money no object at the top.

The most ridiculous saying “we are all in it together” made by a multi-millionaire presiding over a cabinet of millionaires, who have never wanted for anything and never will, should go down in history along with “the lady is not for turning” who started the decline in this country with an obsession for privatising everything possibly, and this government is following in her footsteps with the NHS and education.

I am totally disillusioned for the future generations.

N Searby


It’s mission possible

So it has cost us £3,656 for Delta Construction Lighting to fit a light on the Victoria Tower at Castle Hill, using trained steeplejacks and specialist equipment, and £200 for Building Services to replace existing corroded wiring.

Presumably, looking at the costs, Building Services did not employ specially trained steeplejacks but, like the ‘before and after’ photographer, used the stairs.

Why didn’t DCL go the whole hog and have the lamp lowered from a helicopter? Come on, chaps, it’s changing a lightbulb, not Mission Impossible!

Who has been ‘had’ this time?

Alan Starr


Towering view

“HELLO Tower” said the Monday man “It’s pretty rotten weather up here today”. The Tower replied, “I’m looking at my new friend, and things look ok”.

My new friend happens to be the new graveyard and he’s taken all my troubles away. Everyone is talking about him and leaving me alone. And it’s lovely now they have all gone. I’m going to have a nice cup of Yorkshire tea and read the Examiner letters as not many are about me. Magic.

Samuel Quinn


Lions say thanks

COLNE Valley Lions would like to thank all those who supported the Moonraker Beer Festival in Slaithwaite last weekend.

Our sincere thanks go to all sponsors and dedicated tasters without whom the festival would not be the success it is.

The Forget Me Not Trust and local charities will benefit to the tune of £5000.00 this year.

Special thanks go to local brewers, Slaithwaite Conservative Club and Selby’s Opticians for their regular and much valued support.

Next year’s event will be from November 14-16.

Rachel Haigh

Colne Valley

A national lifeline

I BELIEVE Mr Alan Brook misunderstood the letter published in the Examiner (November 15) on the attempts to deport Abu Quatada.

I was actually having a go at how our Prime Minister was so upset that Mr Quatada won his appeal against deportation and is now out on bail.

My point was if Mr Cameron was so upset and annoyed then all he has to do is repeal the human rights act.

Deport all the problem so called terrorists that we can’t put in front of the courts.

Send back all the people that are asylum seekers. This way we would save vast amounts of money from welfare, legal aid, justice and the prison service, money this Government needs, because we are in debt.

Now I certainly agree with Mr Brook with regards to the greedy bankers, European Union, and the IMF. I believe these people are out to take our money and no mistake.

Now when we voted to join the European Economic Community (Common Market) this took effect in January 1973, and was solely just a trade agreement.

Look where we are now, they are after a rise in payments to them, when we’re all asked to tighten our belts.

Mr Cameron is to negotiate a settlement with the EU. Now wouldn’t it be more democratic to give us a referendum whether we would like to stay in or opt out of the European Union?

To get out would be a life line for this country; we would still trade with Europe.

We will see what our illustrious Chancellor George Osborne comes up with in December when it’s the budget with regards to these multinational companies and the wealthy people that are taking part in tax avoidance.

That is certainly abhorrent in my view.

The H.M Customs and Excise should be recruiting people and start targeting these companies and wealthy people.

Now the Chancellor could, or in my mind, should nationalise the utility companies, water, gas, electricity.

These services are what we all need to live, and since they have been privatised the owners have made vast fortunes from us.

Bring them back into public ownership, run them as a company making profits but the profits go back into the individual company.

That way we will all be able to have hot water, a warm home, and fuel for a hot meal.

All the above put together would make this country richer, so that us the minions will have a richer happier life ahead.

I can’t see it happening though, sadly!

Keith Bagot


What’s no longer on

ONCE more Kirklees Council have excelled themselves. I refer to their “See What’s On” publication which I understand is to be discontinued due to cost.

“See What’s On” covers a diverse range of subjects from activities for children, sport, walks, concerts etc.

Have KMC advised all their subscribers to this publication of their decision which will greatly affect voluntary groups who are all struggling at the moment).

The only way one can get this information is by visiting the library or by using your laptop.

Get real Kirklees, may many people do not have a laptop.

Out of touch OAP