HOLMFIRTH Artweek, now in its 45th year , also plays host to a clutch of fringe venues dotted round the area. These give a wider range of artists space to display their work in galleries, restaurants and shops.

One of the largest displays is in Holmfirth Methodist Church, home to the Trash II Treasure art collective annual show.

This year 50 artists will hang over 500 works from ceramics and acrylics to photography and assemblage in the 2011 show Light Without Heat.

Artists hang their work on builder's wire ‘Heras’ fencing, creating a light and airy labyrinth to explore, giving the show a unique feel.

The job of organising the show, now in its seventh year falls to Kirkburton artist Julian Pratt.

“The Trash II Treasure fringe show has been building for the past six years into a significant showcase of traditional and contemporary art”, he said.

“The value of art is the time we spend in the presence of a piece and how it can change the way we think our ourselves in the wider world.

“Some works you would never dream of displaying in your home, but simply having them in mind can help us deal with our daily conflicts and challenges.

“Every year we seem to find new talent, bringing a fresh perspective on creativity. Last year there were 2,000 visitors through our doors and raised £800 for the Macmillan cancer charity.”

New for 2011:

Late night opening Thursday until 8pm

Workshops and activities daily

Souvenir catalogue and banner

Opening times:

Sunday July 3: noon onwards.

Monday to Friday: 10am-6pm (daily demonstrations at 2pm most days)

Late night Thursday: open until 8pm

Saturday July 9: open at 10am, collection and takedown at 3pm.

Daily Demo:

Hands on fun from some of the artists – 2-3pm during the week.

Jamie Frost, John Birdsall, Mr Burnley, Robert Norbury, Andrew Jenkin


Ali White, Andrew Jenkin, Andy Matthews, Anne Senior, Bunty Jenkins, Cat Barrett, David Jarvis, Dexta, Elizabeth Dill, Hazel Moore, Helen Aldous, Gill Sharp, Hilary Calverley, James Oughtibridge, Jamie Frost, Jane Birdsall, Jeanette Madeley, Jenny Parkin, John Birdsall, Judith Brown, Judith Lees, Julz, Kat Monroe, Keith Mountain, Lee Gascoyne, Lou Kemp, Mister Burnley, Olivia Barnden, Petra Evison, Phil Hack, Robert Ashton, Robert Lees, Robert Norbury, Roger Head, Rory Garforth, Sarah Bamforth, Shirley Stankiewicz, Sybil Burton, Tim Critchlow, Tina Critchlow, Toasted Ghost, Tom Jenkins, Tony Burton, Wendy Kemp.

Art Buddies: Ann Darby, Eric Hill, Gwenda Midgley, Irving Penvose,Josie Walters, Pat Abdurrahman, Pat Sabin, Paul Dennis, Dab Hand Artists.