OAKES: @Oct 21. Suspect smashed glass in kitchen window above the handle. No entry was gained.

LINDLEY: @Oct 24. Nearside front window was smashed to gain entry to the vehicle. A handbag was stolen. Oct 26. Car window was smashed to enter a car and steal a briefcase. On the same date. Window was broken to enter car and steal a sat nav cradle. The offender was disturbed by a neighbour and made off. He is described as white, aged 16-17, around 5ft 2ins and wearing dark clothing and a baseball cap. Oct 27. Two bricks were used to smash house windows.

EDGERTON: @Oct 22. Scaffolding was stolen from a front garden.

MARSH: @Oct 25. A perspex window was removed to gain entry to a shed and steal a bicycle. The suspect then smashed the window to a parked car. A search was made of the vehicle but nothing was stolen. Oct 26. Europrofile lock on rear wooden door was smashed to gain entry to the house. A free standing safe was stolen. Oct 27. At the Samaritans charity shop on Westbourne Road. A mobile phone was stolen from a shop worker. On the same date, at the All About U beauty salon in Westbourne Road. Worker was distracted by two Asian males who made an appointment and asked about hair products. She later found that her mobile phone had been stolen from under the reception desk. Suspects are described as Asian males aged in their early 20s.