MIRFIELD: Nov 8. Two holes were smashed in a double-glazed window at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Old Bank Road, Lee Green. A female suspect with long, brown hair wearing an anorak and carrying a bag kept watch while a male broke the window. Both fled.

November 9. A yob hurled an apple at a window at a house in Crowlees Road, smashing the glass. No-one was seen.

LIVERSEDGE: Nov 9. Thieves stole ladders from the top of a vehicle left overnight in the car park at the Black Bull pub in Halifax Road, Millbridge. The ladders had been secured with clamps and a padlock. The victim had left the vehicle overnight as he had had too much to drink.

Nov 10. Burglars forced their way into a house in Listing Drive, Littletown, by using a spade to break a panel in a rear door. They got inside and attempted to remove a large wall-mounted TV, which is visible from the outside, but couldn’t pull it off the wall and made off.

THORNHILL: Nov 11. Thieves stole a quantity of old Yorkshire stone paving flags from outside Overthorpe Villas in Overthorpe Road.