HAVING lived at Blackmoorfoot for the last 25 years the bus service has gradually declined.

Now First buses (not quite sure how they got that name) are planning to take away the 305 service altogether and replace it with a new service, the 181.

This bus, however, only goes as far as Linthwaite Church. What are all the residents from the church up to Blackmoorfoot supposed to do?

Not everyone is fit and healthy and able to walk and, let’s face it, it is most unsuitable for people carrying shopping.

But wait, there is another bus (fantastic) the Stott’s 391 Colne Valley Circular. While not a very frequent service (one every two hours) at least it arrives, which is more than can be said of First buses.

This bus at the moment goes to Blackmoorfoot once every two hours, although under the new regime that will change also. This will now become the 393 with one bus every hour. Not too bad you might say. The only problem with this one is that the first bus starts at 8.16. What about all the people who go to work before 8.16? I go at 6.30. How do I get to work?

The Government is saying we need to take cars off the road and use public transport. So why don't bus companies listen to this and actually service the routes for the public?

In addition to the environmental cause, some of us do not drive and have no alternative but to use buses.

Irene Vincent