Union hints at more Yorkshire ambulance strikes after 24-hour stoppage

They're worried about patient care and they have a strike. If these ECA's are an addition to the paramedics and not replacing some surely it can only be a good thing? How about the NHS strategically uses the ECA's for calls they get like if someone has fallen or cut themselves and not to people having cardiac arrest or something else serious.

Leslie Schofield

I don't know if ECA's are a good idea or not, but trust the judgement of these professional people, who are better placed than me to know, above that of the bosses.

I am grateful that these people are prepared to take such a stand in defence of the health service in Yorkshire.

Bill Chambers

New heartache for Oliver Field's family as Sam struck by meningitis

How much more can this family go through? Thoughts are with all the family wishing a speedy recovery to both beautiful boys! Love and hugs to Laura and Paul. Incredible set of parents xxx

Jessicah Kate Horn