Be very careful when out and about today as there is black ice everywhere.

Hands and knees is how many got to Honley junior this morning

Tracey Crawshaw

Bought a pair of walking crampons two years ago never used them till today absolutely great recommend to anyone. Clayton West is an ice rink

Malcolm Pedley

Netherhall Avenue at Rawthorpe doesn't get gritted, it’s on a school run and it’s horrendous today...

Nicky 'nickster' Wilson

The heights in Linthwaite are treacherous, must have been four crashes while we sat in our car scared to move. Abandoned the car and walked home to Meltham! Be careful

Ashley Steadman

Just fell and hurt my arm. My 6 year old hurt his back. Told school can’t get only to be told they expect all children in.

Cls Johnson

My oh works at HRI and reckons A and E is total carnage! It’s fine gritting the roads but as usual the pavements are ignored! I Will not be setting off anywhere today! x x

Amy Hawtin

Take care all.

Yvonne Willman