THREE mums have shown just what can be quickly achieved with big hearts and determined spirits.

Just three weeks ago Kate France was in tears after watching a TV programme about child poverty – and then she discovered that Kirklees Council has axed all its school uniform grants.

Kate was moved by watching youngsters having to go to school without uniforms so she teamed up with friends Hanna Klein and Esther Lee and the three vowed to do something about it.

And they certainly have.

For a new good cause called Uniform Exchange has already been set up – but it needs your help to succeed.

The three mums want people to donate uniforms, PE kit, shoes, pumps and coats and they will then distribute them to needy children with help from Huddersfield’s National Children’s Centre.

In some ways a simple plan, yet it will take a lot of organising and no doubt a great deal of time and commitment from the three already busy mums so give them all the help you can

It has also highlighted something that is often hidden. Poverty and dire need is rife in modern society here in Huddersfield.

If Prime Minister David Cameron wants a clear example of his Big Society, then this is a brilliant one.