IT was the perfect weather and the perfect showcase for home-grown talent.

The fact that many hundreds flocked to the Concert on The Hill showed just how much people appreciate the musical talent there is in this town.

Those who did pack into the Laund Hill complex were treated to music and singing of the highest order, from both young and not so young.

There was brilliant work from the children from Lindley Junior School, who will no doubt be stars of the future, and from the somewhat old members of the male voice choirs from Honley and Colne Valley, who proved once more what talented groups they are.

Credit, too, to the organisers of what has become a popular feature of the Huddersfield calendar. The army of volunteers work hard to ensure that the evening can be a success and were no doubt delighted to see the sunshine well into the evening.

And take a bow, too, the audience, who joined in with gusto to make it a stunning triumph.