EVENTS like the Marsden Cuckoo Festival really bring the community together and the best out in people.

So it’s a shame that as one village came together to celebrate with a community event, another was dealt a blow.

The Yetton Rant, held in Kirkheaton for more than 100 years, has been cancelled after organiser Alexandra Moran said she couldn’t keep it going with what it cost her to run.

Held every year since the 1890s, the Yetton Rant was one of the oldest fairs around.

But Mrs Moran says she’d subsidised the last two fairs because of poor attendance and only one fair ground attraction had registered an interest for this year’s event.

It’s a shame that so much history could be lost forever.

There have been many casualties of the recession and the only way to ensure that community events are not among them is for the community to back them. Hopefully next year they will get the chance to do just that.