IT IS the kind of contest that this country delights in.

An annual adventure to see whose imaginations can fly the highest – in other words, which team can hand build a plane and fly it the furthest.

This year’s flight of fancy, otherwise known as the Redbull Flutug, will be launched in Leeds later this month.

Among the 33 teams willing to hurl their lovingly created planes off a 30 feet high ramp are a group of local inventors.

Gareth Pritchard, James Jowett and Oliver Addison have pooled their design knowledge, done their sums and come up with a craft which they have dubbed Stairway To Heaven. And it is certainly a heaven-sent opportunity to show off their skills!

The group has crafted this eccentric design project in a workshop in Cleckheaton and hope it really takes off. Whether their craft flies or flops, they aim to have fun.

Their reward will surely be in seeing that ideas, innovation and plenty of elbow grease are a winning combination, one that in the future could well see them dream up a serious project that will take off for real.