IT IS every home owner’s nightmare.

Neighbours who not only have noisy parties, but won’t turn down the volume when asked, however politely.

But perhaps those who are inconsiderate enough to blast out the decibels at all hours should take heed of what happened to the resident of a flat in Paddock.

Neighbours had complained about a party in a block of flats and despite the party organiser being served with an abatement notice, they refused to reduce the noise.

Kirklees Council’s night time noise officers were able to get a warrant from a magistrate to seize TVs and stereo equipment from the flat. And now the householder may face court action.

No-one wants to prevent their neighbours from having a social life but there are limits to what anyone should have to put up with. And loud music late into the night is one of them.

If people had a little more thought for other people and responded to concerns from their neighbours then wouldn’t life be easier all round?