I LIVE in a house with four residents and I am in the middle of trying to get Kirklees Council to allocate us an extra grey bin since we have gone to fortnightly collections.

I am told that the rule to qualify for an extra bin is that there have to be at least six residents in the house. I asked how long this rule has been in place and I was told it’s the same rule it’s always been.

So that means that before the council started fortnightly collections it clearly acknowledged that six people could fill at least one bin in one week.

This logically means that four people have a minimum requirement of two-thirds of a bin in the same period, which when extended over two weeks means a required capacity of at least one and a third bins. That’s about right because after two weeks our bin is overflowing by about a third and the lid is sticking straight up (for which we get awarded an angry red sticker by the binmen).

Where is the sense in any of this? I am told that the reason is that it is an attempt to make people more green. But we already make full use of our two (yes two) green bins and we also recycle our glass.

This crazy system will make no difference to the houses with three residents or under as they still have the capacity to carry on as before; it’s the , same for houses with six or more residents.

The people with four or five residents are the ones being asked to do the impossible!

Where is the clear thinking by the council on this issue? Do any of them do maths?

We now have an animal problem as they rip open our refuse looking for food, making a great unhygienic mess.

I need an extra grey bin, it’s as simple as that. Logic dictates it. Previous council rules dictate it.

What is a taxpayer supposed to do to ensure he gets the service he’s paying for?

John Mooney