G WHITTAKER wrote regarding the road between the Bay Horse roundabout and Quarmby Road. As I am sure every other Marsh resident will know, this road is called Reinwood Road, which has houses on both sides of the road for its full length and could be nothing but a 30 mph limit.

It would appear that Mr Whittaker could be referring to the section of New Hey Road between the Bay Horse and Oakes Road South at its junction opposite the Highgate Oakes public house.

Mr Whittaker is obviously aware from his comments that the section of the road going out of town above the zebra crossing near Laund Road is 40 mph, perhaps on his journeys back towards town he chooses to ignore the speed reduction down to 30mph from that point or is he saying that one side of the dual carriageway towards town is 30mph and the other side going out of town should be 40mph. I think not.

Richard Pearcey