GREEN energy is meant to be our future.

Sustainable energy sources are being developed to ensure a cleaner future while still providing enough power needed for the ever-increasing demands of modern day life.

The benefits of solar, wind and tidal energy are being sold to us and we’re being asked to invest in them, sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds, in changes to our homes.

So the fact that a company is looking to step back in time to mining surely contradicts the green cause.

It’s a fight of the old versus the new – they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t profitable, which is still is, and we don’t have enough renewable energy sources to forget about mining, regardless of the environmental impact.

One company wants to go back to the old method in Clayton West and extract coal and clay.

It’s estimated they can source around 200,0000 tonnes of coal and 100,000 tonnes of clay from two fields next to the former Park Mill Colliery.

It will also boost employment, bringing 12 new and greatly-needed jobs to the area.

Whether it happens remains to be seen, but it won’t do the green cause any good and it will mean the loss of yet more open space if approved.