WHILE not wanting to set a nasty precedent, I have decided in the style of Radio One DJs of yesteryear, to do a ‘request’ slot.

For those of us who report on sport we have all regularly been told over the years by supporters that we ‘should stick that in your newspaper’.

Usually the word newspaper in this sentence is actually preceded by either an earthy or somewhat floral adjective not for consumption in a family orientated publication.

In fact, the subject matter that such individuals are usually trying to promote is also often not of a nature that would generally sit comfortably on your average local newsagent’s shelves.

But this week I was told ‘you should get that in your next report’ and for once I cannot help but comply.

As I have noted before in this column, I have the honour of turning out in the Sellers Evening Cricket League for Carsons Builders – who now having scored their third league success of the season are poised to make a late, yet futile, push for promotion.

The most recent success came in a last ball thriller that saw Golcar Commercial beaten by two runs and the hero of the whole show was Carsons bowler and local fireman Daryl Schofield.

In a spell of controlled medium pace bowling Daryl laid waste to the Golcar order and claimed a hat trick into the bargain.

I have to admit I was more amazed when, as we wandered from the field, he revealed that it was his first hat trick of his career – and not to be rude, Daz is hardly 21 any more.