TWO stories in today’s paper show the vibrant all-round education now on offer in our schools.

More than 200 pupils from Holmfirth High school and five junior schools will be taking part in the National Festival of Music For Youth in Birmingham tomorrow.

And at Colne Valley High School we have a terrific picture showing hundreds of pupils warming up for a Body Arts Day with a mass aerobics session.

They then took part in workshops with teachers from Kirklees Dance Development.

Other events included sculptures, collages and drama.

In and among were fascinating facts. No doubt many will remember that there are 17 spoons of sugar in a can of coke.

Schools need to be far more than just classrooms where pupils learn how to pass exams.

They offer children an opportunity to explore their own natural abilities and through school-run extra-curricular activities can often spark a lifelong interest in pastimes that may be beneficial to their health, body and mind.

Although we have highlighted these schools today, there are many more across Kirklees that provide these benefits too.

Often what goes on outside a classroom is as important as what goes on in it.