I HAVE been reading the letters in the Examiner about the action taken by the new head at Colne Valley High School. I am in full agreement with her because something has got to be done regarding the discipline of today’s young people.

I have a son and daughter-in-law who are both teachers and over the years I have listened in dismay to their stories. However, I feel I am witnessing the very start of where things go wrong! Four afternoons a week I stand in the playground waiting to pick up my grandchild at the end of school.

Dotted around are groups of mothers and some men, all talking away. But where are the pre-school children? Not by their sides but running riot around the playground. When asked to stop do any of the children do so? If these parents can’t – or, more to the point, won’t – discipline their children at this age (two to four years old) what chance when they get to secondary school?

I have been following this routine for the last seven years and I have noticed the problem getting worse each year. But none so much as this school year, which started last September.

I am not a fuddy duddy 68-year-old gran, having three sons of my own and three grandchildren, all who I love dearly.

But I despair of this “let them do as they want” attitude.

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