DRIVERS who park badly or inconsiderately irritate all of us.

How many of us have struggled to see properly when trying to get out of a junction because someone has parked right up to the road end?

How many more of us have struggled to get into a space because the person in the next one has parked over the lines and, worse still, at an angle.

And how often do you find double parking (despite it being illegal) where it is clearly dangerous for other drivers?

Imagine facing some of those issues when you are trying to do a vital job. Like gritting the road.

All of us have cause to be thankful to the gritting teams who work all hours trying to keep our roads safe in bad weather.

What doesn’t help their job is finding roads clogged with cars that are badly parked.

Parking is clearly difficult for many people simply because there are so many vehicles on the roads these days.

But when you park your car at night and settle down at home just give it a moment’s extra thought.

If the weather turns bad and the gritting teams have to turn out, will they be able to get on your road?

If you think they might have a problem, go back to your car and do something about it. Otherwise, if gritters can’t get through everyone’s journey the following day will be that much harder – including yours.