PARKING is always a contentious issue. All of us have encountered drivers who park inconsiderately or in some cases, downright badly.

How many times have you seen cars dumped across two spaces or abandoned almost diagonally across a slot making it almost impossible to line up neatly alongside.

Spare a thought then for Amanda Rawlinson. She parks every day in the Springwood car park, pays the appro-priate amount. One day when she found the car next to her had its door open, she edged further away, so as not to cause a problem. When she returned she found a £40 fine on her windscreen.

She had paid up, but her crime was to park further away from a vehicle than she would normally have done. Others parked over lines were not ticketed.

We understand why it is necessary to encourage people to park properly, but if the infringement does not impede others’ ability to park, are we not using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Common sense is not being used as motorists in this car park may have an argument about the difficulty of seeing quite where to park. Look at photos on our news pages and you will see part of the ground is not tarmaced and lines are short. All the more reason for some ini-tiative on the part of the wardens to penalise true space-hoggers, not those who may be just shy of the mark.