Has anybody worked out the relative costs of the NHS treating people who have been injured on the ice (and knock-on effects of rescheduling other appointments) vs the cost of gritting pavements?

I'm not talking about every sidestreet, but even main routes like Manchester Road hadn't had the pavements treated.


A similar study was in fact carried out in Nottingham by a member of the NHS and as a result Council policy has now been changed to ensure that pavements are adequately gritted when such events are forecast.


Black ice in Huddersfield: Latest traffic, school and travel information

Malvern Road in Newsome was hideous, but it was nice to see so many residents out in the street, helping to grit and assist people that had got stuck. Serious community spirit but it’s made me smile all morning.


Well done to the schools who delayed opening or delayed starting on time, this will have given everyone going plenty of time to arrive safely and the ones that started as normal.

Shame on the ones that closed altogether, will these close all day the next time there is frost in the morning?


Where are the gritters people pay Council tax for. Why has every main road in Huddersfield not been gritted?


Grit has virtually no effect on freezing rain. KMC have been out gritting, but it's hardly made any difference.


Rock salt "Grit" which is what they ought to be using DOES work with freezing rain or are they using a high percentage of grit sand?